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    dxn code strike who call storm the meteor we need the storms on it yeah storm the media outside I've been on my post-up dermatologist and once they injected the steroids into the keloid it kind of made the results like this so as you can see I don't know if my sister can touch the kind of white bits that's where we indented so that was the side effect but then you can feel see there some more keloid like he's forming back again so I need to go back to the dermatologist so guys trust me taking a microphone in there it's a lifesaver but it caused these issues as well okay so that's what in a microphone you need I think lower this year it means this beam so I have to take it so that's one of the tablets the other tablets that I trained is called ramipril ramipril ramipril and I take 2.5 milligram and they take one in the morning and that's it so this tablet is mainly for the heart or if you've got not really the heart you've still got high blood pressure and I had I was I had really bad high blood pressure and I do you still suffer from it so I have to be I have

    dxn code strike reviews rammer pool is if you are trying not me I'm just saying with everyone that's got lupus or anything like that you should know that if you are trying too hard to become pregnant oh yeah if you're trying to become pregnant this tablet is a no-no because it will affect the baby and it's not good also I forgot to mention mycophenolate you should be taking this if you're trying to have a baby because it can cause miscarriage bag problem dumb and the pregnancy so these two tablets listener you should have be taking so that's one of the side effects of this for this tablet but I take this tablet and once again because of my high blood pressure caused by my lupus and yes it does st. Oh John does like to to like five medication I take I day all for wine is I cannot say this problem lands appraisal land suppress whole land so pretzels yeah so beast



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